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does it help to be a little crazy?

Of all the entrepreneurial traits I’ve written about on this blog, here is one that I’m not going to officially add to the list….but unofficially it may be the most important:  being a little bit crazy.  I don’t mean this literally, but almost.  Maybe the official trait would be “Having a Great Imagination.”

David Segal wrote a terrific piece in the NYTimes last month called Just Manic Enough:  Seeking Perfect entrepreneurs.

In the article, Segal points out how entrepreneurs have to “imagine a product that sounds so compelling that it inspires people to bet their careers, or a lot of money, on something that doesn’t exist and may never sell.”  “Shouting to the ramparts! with no ramparts in sight takes a kind of irrational self-confidence…”

This is one of my personal favorite aspects of being entrepreneurial.  Not just having a vision for what you are doing in the figurative sense, but ACTUALLY being able to see the product and the outcome in your mind’s eye.  Like it really exists in a future history that you can see.  It’s what allows us entrepreneurs to make decisions quickly (often times too quickly), but with a passion and confidence that can make a real difference in the process of building a product, leading an initiative or building a company.

– Adam


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