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Mark Zuckerberg and Julia Child

Mark Zuckerberg and Julia Child.  Two entrepreneurs that couldn’t be more different than one another. But they are both the main characters in two great recent movies (well, Julie and Julia isn’t that recent – but I was watching it on cable recently, anyways); and these two movies have something in common.  At least to me they do.   Let me explain.

After watching the Social Network movie, everyone I know had the same reaction:  “it fired me up”, all my friends said.  I had the exact same reaction.  What was it about this movie.?  Was it seeing “the spark” of the idea in action, as in this this clip from the Social Network?  Perhaps it’s just the notion of seeing something great being built from day one, through sheer smarts, passion and vision.

Then I was watching the movie Julie and Julia.  And this movie had some of the same effect on me.  Particularly the parts about Julia discovering her abilities and passion for cooking.  She was courageous and determined to learn with and from the best at the Cordon Bleu school, breaking rules and blazing her own path, as seen in this clip from the movie.

Mark Z and Julia C couldn’t be more opposite in terms of their personalities and particular subjects of interest.  But it struck me how the two separate movies that depict each of them spoke to the entrepreneur in me in the same way.

My point is that when you see others have a passion and a talent for something, and you see them take hold of their passion, never taking “no” for an answer, breaking new ground, taking chances (and building something special in the process) – it is truly inspiring…it “fires me up”.  This fire is at the heart of what powers entrepreneurs; it’s what is behind the passion, what fuels the drive.


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